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Open Source Supply Chain Security at Google
Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

I was a remote opening keynote speaker at ACM SCORED 2023, which we decided meant that I sent a video to play and I was on Discord during the talk for attendees to text directly with question as the video played, and then we did some live but still remote Q&A after the talk.

My talk was titled “Open Source Supply Chain Security at Google” and was 45 minutes long. I spent a while at the start defining open source supply chain security and a while at the end on comparisons with the 1970s. In between, I talked about various supply chain-related efforts at Google. All the Google efforts mentioned in the talk have been publicly discussed elsewhere and are linked below.

Here are the talk video and talk slides. Opinions expressed in the talk about languages and the last half century of supply chain security are mine, not Google’s.

References or acknowledgements for the slides: