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Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

Let my start by apologizing for the noisy duplicate posts. I know that people using RSS software to read this blog got a whole bunch of old posts shown as new yesterday, and the same thing happened again just now. I made some mistakes while moving the blog from one platform to another, which caused the first burp, and then I had to fix the mistakes, which caused the second burp. But it's done, and there won't be another batch of duplicates waiting for you tomorrow.

I've moved this blog off of Blogger onto App Engine, running on a custom app written in Go. The down side is that I had to implement functionality that Blogger used to handle for me, like generating the RSS feed, and that's both extra work and a chance to make mistakes, which I took full advantage of. The up side, however, is that it makes it significantly easier for me to automate the writing and publishing of posts, and to create posts with a computational aspect to the content. I'll be blogging in the coming months about both the new setup, which has some interesting technical aspects behind it (I can edit live posts in a real text editor, for one thing), and about other topics that can make use of the computation.

For now, though, it's just the same content on a new server. Enjoy.